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Diabetics, finally it’s here…based on recent breakthroughs with the nutrients you’ve been reading about, in just the right amounts for our diabetic customers.  Diabetics was formulated by a physician based on the most recent scientific findings for those who have or are predisposed to diabetes and have difficulty absorbing nutrients.  It contains ingredients not included in multi-vitamins for the general public. Diabetics en Espaniol

“When I started on Diabetics I didn’t take them regularly, so I didn’t think they worked that well.  I had pain just to walk on a carpet in my bare feet.  My wife heard people swear by Diabetics, so she made me take them: 4 a day, every day!   I was surprised when one day I got up and didn’t notice my feet.  Now I wouldn’t go a day without them”  –RR, New Providence, NJ

“Diabetics is a sensible formula based on the latest research that addresses the diabetic’s unique nutritional needs.  I feel comfortable recommending it.” –Dr. Richard Podell, M.D. Clinical Professor University of Medicine and Dentistry NJ

  • take with PowerVites
  • physician formulated to address diabetic’s specific needs due to an inability to metabolize
  • nutrients efficiently
  • amino acid Taurine, a blood thinner
  • bioflavonoids to build the circulatory system
  • coenzyme Q10 to increase insulin synthesis
  • lipoic acid for neuropathy
  • available in bottles of 60 and 120 pressed tablets
  • dose: 4 daily with food
  • retail $17 (60-tabs); $29 (120-tabs)
  • scroll down to “Sunnie” for reference to diabetics and elevated Homocysteine.
  • ingredients and more information
  • Dr. Podell, MD on diabetes and nutrition
  • test for risk of diabetes
  • to order now
  • request information

“Diabetics is intended to supplement nutrient needs of persons with diabetes, addressing certain nutrient deficiencies found in some diabetics, without affecting the blood sugar or treating diabetes.”

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