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Welcome to our Recipe section. This part of our site was established in response to needs expressed by several of our customers, some of whom are diabetic, and some of whom are on low carbohydrate weight loss diets.

How did a vitamin company become interested in food?

Low carbohydrate foods do not have to taste like “diet” food. In fact, it is our belief that it is possible to make a low carb version of almost anything, and to have it taste like the conventional (high carb) version of that item. In most cases, before we post a recipe to this site, we make it in our test kitchen, eat it, and decide whether or not we like it. If we would not eat the item, we do not post the recipe.

We also examine the ingredients to ensure that the “finished product” will not raise blood sugar suddenly or significantly.

Our recipes conform to the KISS standard: Keep It Simple Stupid. Different carbohydrates affect blood sugar differently. Some provide dietary fiber, and therefore may not affect blood sugar at all. Keeping track of which carbohydrate is which can be very complicated. Instead of attempting to deal with that issue, with one exception, we post only those recipes that are very low in carbohydrates, regardless of the kind of carbohydrates they may be. The one exception to this rule is any recipe from a book entitled The G-Index Diet by Dr. Richard N. Podell (our medical advisor). If you are diabetic, we recommend that you invest $6.99 for this ground breaking book. The G-Index Diet can be ordered at Amazon.com.

By posting recipes, we are not advocating any particular diet. Rather, these recipes are included for those people who, in consultation with their health care professionals, have determined that there is a place in their food regimen for items that have only a minimal effect on blood sugar.

People who are not diabetic, but who are on low carb weight loss diets will find all of these recipes to be appropriate.

Low Carb Recipes