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Diabetic Information

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For those of you looking for information on Diabetes:

  • Dr. Podell, MD writes on the nutritional aspects of diabetes.
  • Fatty Acid Supplement Helps Diabetics With Weight, Blood Sugar Levels…
  • Diabetes sleep connection: inadequate sleep may prompt development of insulin-resistance
  • Diabetics tend to have elevated homocysteine, which frequently results in cardiovascular disease; TMG can help lower homocysteine. Elevated homocysteine may also be responsible for depression.
  • Evening Primrose Oil may be helpful for diabetic neuropathy
  • A diabetes type I case study: interesting observations by a father
  • Reversing diabetes type II
  • Daily spoonful of cinnamon may help diabetics
  • Take a test to see if you are at risk for diabetes.
  • Vaccine links to diabetes.
  • Press release: FDA accepts GTB’s diabetes disclaimer.
  • US Center for Disease Control and Prevention Links Vaccine and Diabetes
  • The obesity link to diabetes (abdominal fat muscle)
  • Obesity – the most important cause of diabetes?
  • Is Alzheimer’s a form of diabetes?

A nutritional support product for those with or predisposed to diabetes:

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